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Master Championship Wrestling Moves With Mark Muñoz

Get unparalleled access to training videos that teach world-class techniques designed by NCAA D1 National Champion and UFC veteran, Mark Muñoz.

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For wrestlers and fighters looking to step up their game on the mat or in the cage, hard work can only take you so far. You need an experienced coach who can not only challenge you, but also inspire you to surpass your own expectations. Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Muñoz is giving beginners and experienced wrestlers the opportunity to hone their skills through a series of online technique training videos. You’ll get access to a catalogue of videos, and even have the opportunity to submit your own match videos for personalized feedback. When you’re ready to refine your skills and be empowered, step into The Wrestling Room.


Technique Training Videos


Wrestling Training Videos // Inside Tie Snap the Head to a Double Leg


Jiu Jitsu Training Videos // Single Leg Setup- Outside Tie to a Single Leg


MMA Training Videos // Double Leg Defense with Back Against the Cage

“Mark is an exceptional student of the sport. From the moment he stepped foot in the Oklahoma State wrestling room he began learning to become a champion. Now he is sharing that knowledge with others.”

— John Smith, OSU Head Coach

“I’ve had the privilege of learning and training with Mark for over a decade. He is not only a great athlete and technician in this sport, but he is also an amazing motivator. He serves as a mentor to some of the best fighters on the planet.”

— Urijah Faber, UFC Bantamweight

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