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As a wrestler, you know that world-class coaching can be the difference between winning and losing. Now, thanks to Mark Muñoz and his team at The Wrestling Room, wrestlers all over the world have access to exclusive wrestling technique training videos that give them the edge they need to rout their opponents. The mat is your domain, and you need to train relentlessly to master the techniques and moves that define champions. Available in the convenience of your own home, these videos cover various situations and methods as taught by Mark, an NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion. Each video breaks down best practices, and he explains how to avoid common pitfalls that your opponents will try to take advantage of. Now, you can train wherever you are, whenever, and never lose your edge on your quest to become the best.

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In the last decade, the popularity of mixed martial arts has surged to incredible levels. As more fighters emerge, the demand for experienced coaches and trainers is increasing everyday. To help meet these demands, UFC veteran Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Muñoz and his trainers started The Wrestling Room. Now, aspiring and experienced MMA fighters from all around the country have access to exclusive MMA technique training videos designed by Mark in which he breaks down various techniques and moves that helped him and countless other UFC fighters dominate the octagon. His detailed coaching will ensure that you understand how to handle a variety of situations, and all of this can be learned from the convenience of your own home on your computer or mobile device. If you’re ready to step into the octagon and become a champion, then you’re ready for The Wrestling Room.

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In a sport that requires relentless dedication, you also need an instructor who knows what it takes to compete and win at the highest level. Mark Muñoz and a team of experienced fighters have created The Wrestling Room to help jiu jitsu students of all levels continue their wrestling training no matter where they are. Members will get access to exclusive wrestling for jiu jitsu technique training videos that Mark himself has designed, and he’ll coach you and your sparring partner on a variety of moves and techniques. Get the extra edge you need when you step into The Wrestling Room.

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"Mark is an exceptional student of the sport. From the moment he stepped foot in the Oklahoma State Wrestling room he began learning to become a champion. Now he is sharing that knowledge with others."

John Smith (Oklahoma State Head Coach)

"There are great men and great technicians in the sport of wrestling. Mark Munoz is a rare breed of both. Mark can teach you to become the best wrestler in the world, but more importantly, he is a fantastic role model who realizes there is something greater in life than just winning."

Brandon Slay (Olympic Gold Medalist)

"It's very rare that a person can be kind and compassionate off the mat, and an intense relentless force on the mat. Coach Munoz is both. One of the nicest people in the business with a rare ability to motivate, communicate, and lead."

Chael Sonnen (UFC Veteran)